The Women Leadership Team was founded by Jacqueline Legrand, Chief executive officer and co-founder of Maptycs, an insurtech company based in New York, and focused on risk mapping and analytics for risk managers and insurance professionals. WLT is an exclusive group of high level executive women and decision makers, who join forces to help create a favorable environment for female executives to progress in their leadership role.


The Women Leadership Team aims at supporting female executives in leadership roles while inspiring young female talents in their career within the insurance industry and related services sectors. The WLT members are committed to keep progressing in their professional lives and to elevate the next generation of women professionals in the insurance industry.

Our objectives


Within the WLT and with our peers males and females


To progress in our leadership role


 Young female talents across companies

Jacqueline Legrand

Jacqueline Legrand


The insurance industry is increasingly embracing diversity and we can all promote and support our company’s initiatives in this endeavor. The mix of cultures, genders and generations is an essential contributor to innovation and to the understanding of our fast changing world. Women are raising standards almost everywhere, whether at work, in schools, at colleges or universities; they are usually brave and work hard to succeed. They overcome challenges and keep pushing the limits their grandmothers barely touched in their time. There is still much to be done but the role of professional women in the society is growing at great pace and like any change, it generates its fair share of fear and excitement.
Let’s grow professionally together, let’s inspire and support young female talents, and while doing this, let’s build lasting friendship. We deserve it.